Thursday, March 18, 2010

But I live in 3D!

I don’t really understand the whole fascination with 3D. It seems like a rather ridiculous novelty, which is why I’m calling it – 3D will go the way of, well 3D.

In the 80s, 3D was just as huge as Molly Ringwald and neon green (trust me kids, it was a scary time for all of us). Then, what happened? I mean seriously, what happened - 1989 to 1995 are very vague years for me.

Now with the inexplicable success of “Avatar,” it would seem that 3D is making a Robert Downey Jr. sized comeback, culminating with Sony's announcement to market and sell 3D televisions for your home.

I think what annoys me the most about the 3D “experience” are those fucking glasses. I get that ironic accessories are all the rage these days, (fuck you very much, hipsters) but why should I have to wear those awkward, bulky hunks of plastic when I have 20/20 vision? Or if you aren't so lucky, wear them OVER your glasses?

Ranking right up there with my grievances is what they are choosing to broadcast in 3D. The Masters? Seriously? Sure! Why not couple two novelties together? 3D and a black guy who plays golf!

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  1. Yeah...well...I'm still going to see Alice this IMAX...3D. And you can't stop me! So THERE! Ha ha.